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Yeah, it’s the middle almost toward the end of summer blahs and those picnics and barbecues are catching up with us. You can’t run off that much potato salad. How about the extra-extra serving you secretly consumed while no one was looking, along with the sulfited hot dogs and baked beans? It’s no secret everyone can see what happened to your body. Take a break and give your digestion a rest by changing your eating habits. Summer can become a frenzy of eating and drinking too much of what is not good for you.

Here are some tips to kickin’ your butt into a healthier direction. First go through all of your old pictures, the ones where you looked HOT! Stick those on your fridge so you have to look at them first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Cuz you know that’s what we do, look in the fridge after waking and working for naughty things to eat. If you see pictures of yourself when you were in tip-top shape you will be more likely to shut the fridge and choose a healthier way to get energized. You could also put a recent picture of yourself beside the old one, that should scare you into a lifestyle change.

When you go shopping for food keep in mind, NO processed food of any kind should touch your lips or the tongue. Shop around the outside of the grocery store, this is where the fresh food is (Plus you will save money). Down the aisles are usually canned, salted and rearranged so-called “food” products, that have no business in the body (with the exception of some canned fish). Eating fresh food will change your cravings to simpler and less fattening choices. Naturally your taste buds will transition into wanting healthier foods that can satisfy the body’s needs.

Get the body strong and clean with Juicing . Fresh fruit and vegetables provide the ultimate vitamin and minerals condensed in a glass. Instead of trying to eat all of your daily required fruit and veggies (which would take more than the stomach could handle to get your daily nutrients) with juicing you can do it in one sitting or standing. Since we are all on the run, with the kids , working, trying to fit in a workout ourselves. It’s a balancing act to stay on top health and home. You will see and feel with juicing, the body will shed toxins and sustain POWER to get through the day not just dragging, but really LIVING your day…with fresh juice.

Juicer Recipes – Pomegranate Juice

Juicer Recipes-5 pomegranates

Juicing Tips:
 Cut open the pomegranate and gently scoop out the seeds. Only put the seeds into your juicer machine and discard everything else. The seeds will not make it into the final juice but will be discarded into the pulp collector.

You will find that the seeds of 5 pomegranates will provide you with a small amount of juice – 1 cup at best, depending on the size of the pomegranate. I recommend using a blender for making pomegranate – you will get a lot more juice.

Put the seeds of all 5 pomegranates into the blender with half a cup of water and let rip. Now strain the juice with a medium mesh strainer. You can get more liquid out of the remaining pulp if you strain it through a double layered cheese cloth. Last step is to pass the juice through a fine mesh strainer and wallah – you got about 2 1/2 cups of a pomegranate healthy juicing recipe.

Juicer Recipes – A Very Berry Medley

Juicer Recipes-2 cups of strawberries
– 2 cups of blueberries
– 1 1/2 cups of raspberries

Berries are among the quickest and easiest of fruits to juice. The only prepping they need is a quick rinse. Strawberries are a small exception as they will need to be topped before juicing. All berries are a great source of antioxidants such as anthocyanins, flavonoids and ellagic acid, all of which have been associated with anti-cancer and anti-heart disease benefits.Thanks to  for sharing these healthy recipes with us.

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