To all who participated in the Diaper Drop for Mississippi. We would personally like to thank Mike and Katie Smith who made our stay here a blessing, along with great food, conversation and the Venue, let’s not forget the best pineapple cake ever from scratch! Also a big hug to Butch (Our Barnabas) from Emmanuel church in Starkville, next time we Rock it! Bill Weeks, who provided the Coke products hope your arm heals quickly. The WCBI team for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come see what the heck we were doing. To Columbus’s new Rap Artist Krucial and his fiance’ plus their two babies who attended even though they got lost, we found them. Brandon our neighbor gave us a Wallmart gift certificate for the hotdogs. I’m sure I left someone out but they know who they are, we appreciate all the loving effort. See you in the fall Mississippi, it’s back to Europe for the Big Bopper, me to the frozen tundra of the mitten.

It was fun here in Starkville thanks to the people!