Strip down to your skivveys, it’s hot out there…

Empty out your wallet and see how much cash you have left over from the week of spending, hopefully there will be a little left to start your new savings habit. You gotta get naked (real) with your money, not like in the movie where they roll around on the bed (that may be fun) were talkin’ strip down naked truth of your spending and saving habits. Roll around on the bed later.

First things first, ask this very important question to yourself when you are considering buying ANYTHING, “Do I need it”? Want and need are two different energies. Need, sustains the body, health, basic necessities of life. Wants are fun but can create trouble and unrest, if giving into the insatiable merry-go-round of consumerdumbtion. Giving into your want factor satisfies only for a fleeting moment. We all want new things and it is fun to shop, which is normal, but true happiness comes from discipline and making smart decisions. Whether it’s money, love, family etc. you must be a good steward and protector of these important peices to a happy life.

This is what a man had to say about buying his boat? “There are two wonderful days in a boat owners life: the first day he buys it, and the last day he sells it”. Most smart people just ride on their friends boats, no maintenance, gas, or storage costs (buy a plastic raft).

 We fool ourselves with the “Have to haves” society and peer pressure plays tricks on us, making us think we need to buy stuff we really don’t. This causes stress on relationships and the people robbing Peter to pay Paul (You). Remember, things don’t define a person or fulfill him, building character, integrity, honesty and what he values, are the qualities that make him a great person. It’s hard to be happy when you cant afford the house payment and the bank says pack your bags.

Getting down to the naked truth about your money scene can be challenging, to say the least, and some pain could be involved especially if there is an addiction to spending. Then it will be a relearning, reconditioning process. Like drugs or alcohol, buying/shopping can crank up the endorphins and dopamine, the happy hormones. The good news is, a habit can be made or broken in 21 days. You can implement a positive habit to fill the void of a negative one. You’ve heard about the latte effect well that principal can be applied in all of your cutting back. Give yourself a goal, the money you spend on cigarettes or what ever non-productive (life threatening) habit you have that is taking away from your good energy. Put that money in an envelope, somewhere you don’t have immediate access to, and at the end of the month check out the savings and watch your health rebound. Now there are two good results from one action.

If you have to shop for clothes and some houshold goods, check out the local Salvation Army. It’s fun and fantastically frugal. It’s chic to save money and there are many treasures that await you at your local thrift shops. They sometimes carry designer clothing for a fraction of the cost. The money you spend there, helps local families in need, to help feed, heat and light their homes. Take out a day for this shopping trip, there are hidden gems and it may take time to get through the sea of not so desirable items. Criags list is another place to find what you need for less, you can make offers.

There are many ways to fulfill that shopping urge. Go with a friend for the companionship instead of buying stuff, look at the beautiful items and enjoy the each others conversation. Go for coffee or lunch, it saves you money and is much more fulfilling then putting a dent in your bank account.

Discipline is not a dirty word, although it can take time getting used to. You can share with your friends, how “Frugal” is now the “New sexy”. If we do not discipline our selves, we feel guilty when all we have to do is stop the negative behavior. Change can happen in an instant, it starts with a thought, a vision, then take steps toward your goals, why carry a heavy load of guilt when you can lighten the load by doing the right thing. Lighten your load and reduce those negative habits.

Find new ways to be frugal it will be fun saving your money and the stress will be less of a factor in your life. These changes aren’t as hard as you think from your latte to your clothing. Like children, if we get what we want all the time, there is not much fun in that special present or trip? It’s just more stuff that creates insatiable insanity, which creates more and want. Remove the crazy spending habits and you will make better decision in your life all the way around. You will have great character and money in your pocket to back up that good character! Get naked (real) with your money life, assess whats important and then you will save yourself a lot of trouble in this already troubled economy. Be a leader not a follower!


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