Egypt is now FREE!

What an uprising…Whew! But who’s to say they are truly free? Is anything or anyone really free? There has to be a ruler or leader in any government, community, religion, cult or rock & roll group.  If not, total chaos would ensue. Too many cooks can spoil the soup they say, only one chef can be appointed ruler of the kitchen. The hard task is to make sure he’s not crazy and poisoning the soup (that’s why they hire taste testers).

Think about it, you see so called “FREE” stuff all over the Internet, people still fall for the word “Free” You know what your parents told you, “If it seems too good to be true it”… you know the rest of the cliche’. So we have grown smarter in the last few hundred years, to know when were are being duped, as an individual or as a community right? Then why do we continue to fall for the “Freedom or Free” stuff line? Humans will always have hope that what is told to them is the truth and they want to believe that what is said or printed is the “Gospel”.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nothing is free! (Newsflash hey). Once we get used to that idea, we won’t be so upset, and we can stop kidding (I almost said lying) to ourselves. There is a price to pay for everything and it’s not always cash that we pay with. It may be an exchange of time or talents, emotions, with  physical strength or your love. You will pay for what you get somehow and get what you pay for. The old cliche’s are true, they resonate like a song in your head so you don’t forget them.

Maybe the word Free should be replaced by the truth…”Come on in, yes the food costs money and we hope you like it, nothing here is free, but we’ll try our best to make you happy, the coffee is included but we raised the price to compensate”. The truth doesn’t sound as nice as those little white lies (free) but there are no false hopes raised, only to let you down. Do we really want free stuff? It would mean getting things nobody else wants in the first place, or else they would have run out of the “Free stuff” already.

When you come on over to website nothing is free, but it’s a good place to shop. We don’t offer free coffee or doughnuts, but we have cool stuff that you may be interested in. Lots of time and love went into creating this place for the community. We hope to lift your spirits and help you find the items your looking for. You will not win anything and you will pay for your items, less than the Market price that’s for sure. There will not be any sales hype, misleading or outrageous advertisements. And that’s the truth!

Sending positive thoughts and prayers to the people in Egypt.