Life is about accomplishments and hard work right? Getting to the top of your business “Your game” making your mark on this ever shrinking planet we call earth. Wait a minute…what happened to the fun?

Humans spend most of their time thinking up different strategies on how to get “There” andTherereally doesn’t exist, it’s a never geattooable place, it’s the place you see in the future and in your retrospect (been there done that thing) but never quite getting to. Once we arrive at one pinnacle, our sights are set on the next summit. So we tie up our hiking boots a little tighter, maybe grab a Klondyke bar and we’re off to conquer the next mountain.

It is fun, competing with one another to get to that peak before the other guy does. Looking down on him while you stand on the tippy top of the mountain saying “Ha-ha” and that guy is looking up at you with envy…be careful not to slip while gloating. In the famous words of John Lennon “Life is what happens while your busy making other plans”. Let’s not forget the “Life” part in between all the hard work and career management, those things will still be there.

Release the stress from your body, shake off all the frustration from climbing those mountains. How about just be yourself? Who are you anyway? Well, you can find that out by returning to that place where your child lives…inside you.  Remember dancing, singing or acting silly? No body judged you because you were too young and cute, you didn’t know better, but now you do and you need that child, now more than ever. He is you, that little guy, just a little taller and has more bills. 

Superbowl Sunday fun!…Yeah, the Gatorade splashing over the head, kind of fun. That always brought back the kid in us, just by watching it. There is a need for this, even the million $ guys know it. All the stern faces you meet up with in your business meetings at work (cranky old goats) forgot how to have fun. They need some Gatorade poured over their heads to straighten out their attitudes. Now we’re talkin’ FUN!

“Fun is a necessity not a luxury” a quote written by (Not me) that should be placed over every one’s work desk or sometimes fixated to the forehead of the crankiest co-worker. A reminder that you shouldn’t feel guilty about giving into those childhood ping’s that come to you, at least once a day (I hope). If you have lost even the little nudge that you should get up and rouse your co-worker, my friend, you have succumb to the mundane lifeless side of life, and fun does not live there. Get back to the fun side of life, hurry before you loose your sense of humor, start wrinkling and cant climb your mountains anymore.

A person is more creative when he incorporates fun into his everyday brainstaking work. Who didn’t love the class clown? Alright, besides the teacher? Everyone of us were happy to have the interruption and a quick laugh, thanks to the class clown. Make your workplace a funplace, not a crazy place, but think about letting in some new energy of lightness and fun, watch the creativity soar. Raise the roof! raise the fun, raise your quality of living and it will spill over to your product.

Fun is necessary for living, it’s not an option.

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