Love has it’s own special day…


Love is sometimes over looked, that’s why it is given a special day of it’s own. Love says “Don’t forget about me”. Beyond the daily duties of working hard, taking care of the mundane chores and the kids. Its a good thing there are days like February 14th to celebrate the fun things in life, like loving one another.

The Romans say “When in Rome right? These chariot racing guys brought this tradition to fruition. The feast of fertility was called Lupercalia. The ritual included matching young single women with single men by placing names in a box and who ever they drew out of it that’s who they would be stuck with for a year. The luck or not so luck of the draw! What about spin the bottle? After the year was up they could go their separate ways, or marry if they chose to. It was similar to today’s “Shackin‘ up” tradition, so they could learn their partner’s dirty little habits before taking the plunge. Could you picture Nero throwin‘around his tighty-whiteys?

Do you usually buy a gift for that special person? Well, you better or heads will roll! That’s a different time and place. Do not put this task of gift buying on your “to do” list, get excited when your searching out that special item for your Valentine. It only comes once a year so make it memorable. Remember to have fun, surprises are the best to give and makes you and the receiver happy. Humans need reasons to celebrate, look on the calender or go on the webyou will see how many holidays there are. How about, celebrate your peanut butter sandwich day? It’s a real holiday. That’s pushing the celebration thing, but people need a break from their routine, so they make up reasons. Even if it includes peanut butter.

Since the beginning of time there have been traditions. There is a new tradition coming, a new way to get your hot items…The dropbop way. This is a place where you can buy your sweety neat stuff for low prices. Sorry no peanut butter here but fun gifts for your Valentine. Come check out the products you will have to sign in first. It costs a little to save a lot!